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Values & Culture

Values & Culture

Your organisation’s culture and climate matters in achieving sustained bottom line results. Although often viewed as the ‘soft’ dimension of business success, organisation culture is largely concerned with the values and behaviour of people, with direct and very ‘hard’ business impact regarding customers experience and satisfaction, and bottom line financial performance…the ‘hard stuff’.

We view organisation culture as the combination of beliefs, values, attitudes, practices and behaviour, ‘the way people do things around here’ and ‘what we believe in…our identity’ developed over years of evolution of an organizations social systems covering the broad dimensions, including mission, involvement, consistency and adaptability across the internal - external and stable-flexible continuum, highlight the extent of customer focus and strategic orientation.

…..while organisation climate is more focused at a point in time perspective of ‘how an organization is doing’ regarding the impact of social systems. Typical dimensions, including: leadership, staff involvement and commitment, communication, performance management, diversity, teamwork, career prospects, training and development, change resilience, reward and recognition.

Organisation culture can be shaped and changed over a period of time through a holistic process of change, championed and role modeled by the leaders, to support and achieve strategic objectives.

We partner with organisations to facilitate customized organisation culture and climate solutions:

  • Customized culture change solutions based on international leading practice/research
  • Diagnosis & measurement using a culture scorecard and/or customized measuring tools
  • Web based questionnaires and delivery to staff
  • Organisation values and behaviours development and facilitation
  • Integration with Human Capital and business processes

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