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Performance Management

Performance Management

Performance…performance. .performance….. Performance management is a critical management tool that lies at the heart of successful organizations. P3 Africa has extensive experience in developing successful Performance Management Systems for organizations, including delivering interventions around leadership and change management which support the performance management process and are critical if a high performance culture is to be achieved.

At P3 Africa we believe the following are the key tenants of performance management:

    1. Performance management needs to support and drive organisational strategy.
    2. Performance management is a core management tool and is the driving force in successful organisations.
    3. Performance management is an ongoing process that involves planning, coaching, reviewing and rewarding performance.
    4. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, no perfect model, and the process and approach needs to be designed to fit the culture and environment of each organization.
    5. All Aspects of Performance Matter. The performance management process must reflect a balance between measurable results (outputs) and demonstration of the competencies (inputs) that lead to individual and organisational success.
    6. Performance objectives and measures should be defined on an organisational and functional basis, linked to corporate strategies, for the first two levels of management using a balanced scorecard type approach. For other levels Generic and Individual Performance Contracts should be developed depending upon the nature and level of the role.
    7. Effective links with rewards get important messages across. Reward plays a vital role in reinforcing the link between performance/behaviour and the strategy and culture of the organization.
    8. Performance culture is key. Performance management is successful when the organisation truly values and rewards performance. The process must have strong senior management support and commitment and must be owned by line managers, teams and individuals. Swicon P3 Africa helps organizations to build a fully integrated Performance Management System which is aligned with the organizations overall business planning process and critical supporting human capital systems:


P3 Africa is in a position to provide a fully integrated service regarding performance management. Our services include:

  • Business strategy formulation/ decoding.
  • Development of corporate and functional scorecards.
  • Development of generic and individual performance contracts.
  • Performance management training in the areas of Planning, Coaching, Reviewing and Rewarding performance.
  • Development of Performance Management Policy and Procedures.
  • Reward strategies aligned to the Performance Management process
  • Assessment of the organisational culture and identification of interventions required to create and enhance a strong performance culture.
  • Electronic, paperless solutions.