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Human Capital Strategy

People are an organisation’s competitive advantage. The unique differentiation that people bring to an organization through talent and competence converted to performance are key to sustained business success in the dynamic and increasingly competitive modern business environment. An organisation’s Human Capital strategy is therefore critical to ‘stay in and ahead of the game’.

P3 Africa provide a service enabling the building of the content and facilitation of an organisation’s Human Capital strategy. We focus on the full human capital value chain and life cycle of employees through an organization.

Our approach considers the business environment and a strategy decode focusing on establishing-clarifying and operationalising strategic objectives, critical success factors across the human capital value chain using the human advantage model as a foundation.

Strategic Talent Management

Organisations worldwide are faced with the challenge of how to effectively manage talent- how to source, manage, develop, align and retain talent in a manner that supports the organisations strategic human capital and business needs. Talent is the predominant currency in the current age of economic globalisation.

The term talent management, in many ways, embraces all that is at the heart of sound human capital management, with the difference that it is based on a focussed strategy around those employees who make a particular difference to the organisation and are central to its current and future business success. To be effective it requires a fully integrated and holistic approach, covering all the key levers that lie at the heart of effective human capital management as shown below: